You and I…we have something in common: we are entrepreneurs to our core. We love the freedom that comes with being our own boss. But we both know that there are struggles too…long days and late nights and too much time running the business and not enough time doing the work we love. I’m here to tell you: it doesn’t have to be that way! I am here to help you get back to doing what you love the most. Once you are able to delegate the tasks that are slowing you down and not bringing you joy, that is when you can truly grow your brand, community, and business. So let me do what I am passionate about so you can spend more time doing what you are passionate about and we will grow your brand, business, and community together.

I believe in your big dreams, and have the tools to help you get there. Let’s work together!



The bee is a symbol of productivity.  When a bee enters your life it is usually a symbol that you are doing too much or not enough. Bees have strong work ethics but also they know the importance of stopping and smelling the flowers. Bees help in finding the delicate balance between the two. The bee is a perfect visual representation of a what I can do for you.  I want to help be your bee so you can stop and smell the flowers.


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